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What types of space saving products and solutions are manufactured by Futur Decor?

Do you customize all your space saving products and solutions as per our choice?

How durable are all your space saving products and solutions?

What core material do you use for all your space saving products?

What finishes do all your space saving products manufactured?

What size of invisiblebed can i buy from you?

What is the mechanism used in all invisiblebeds?

Does your Hydraulic Lift Assist System require any maintenance?

Is there a Warranty?

Is my new Invisiblebed easy to operate?

How safe is my Invisiblebed when installed?

Can my Children jump on it?

Does Invisiblebeds come with a safety locking mechanism to avoid children pulling on their own ?

Do you sell only the Invisiblebed hardware mechanism ?

Can I use my own mattress ?

How much weight the Invisiblebeds can take while in use ?

Can invisiblebeds be manufactured in Teak Wood, Sesham wood or solid wood ?

Do you import the components or hardware for the bed?

While i'm sleeping, does the bed close on its own?

While the bed is in a closed position does it fall on its own?

How fast is your after sales service?

Does your Hydraulics Lift Assist System require maintenance oftenly?

When the leg is touching the floor, will it damage/scratch the floor and tend to bend?

How much time will it take to install the invisiblebeds?

. Is the weight residing on only 2 legs of the invisiblebeds while in use?

Do you use metal frames for the bed structure?

What are the thickness of boards used for the invisiblebeds?

Does an invisiblebed come with an electric motor operated system?

Do I need to use elastic or velcro straps to tightly fit the mattress in a truss box?

What happens to mechanism if I use invisiblebeds on a daily basis or very often?

Can I fix the switchboard to the frames of Invisiblebeds?

What happens to invisiblebed if I move to the other location?

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