Jun 05, 2017

Think Vertical

Yes, that’s how our next client Mr. Kamalakannan Shanmugam solved his home space problem.

In his own words “To save space, we need to design the things to go vertical…”
Mr. Shanmugam is a resident of Prestige Fern Residency Apartment, Harlur Road. Though he has 3 rooms they were not sufficient to meet all his purposes. That his 9 year old son Kapilan needed a study room and he an in-house office,...

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If a picture says a thousand words, then here are 5 for you!

That’s the room of the 8 year old of daughter of Mrs. Rashmi P, a Senior Software Professional with Sasken.

Mrs. Rashmi lives in an Independent Duplex Home in Kalayn Nagar, Bangalore, with 5 family members. And as a mother, she understands that a growing child, particularly a daughter, needs a privacy of her own room which also needs to...

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A woman will always want her room to be spotlessly neat and clean.

A woman who has worked hard to build a career.

A woman who hates to miss her daily exercises.

A woman who knows what’s best for her family and home.

Yeah… we mean someone like this in the picture.

Well, meet our own woman in power – Mrs. Deepa Arul.
Deepa is a French language...

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Take a look at these pictures.
Aren't you at least just a bit envious?
Well, we are! 
We must say that this is one installation of ours, which is very close to our heart. Not because we helped a proud and loving father make room for his two growing boys to be independent and self sufficient within their own living space, but also because we could help in making a little dream room for these two...

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60 year old Mr. Chandrakanth is the owner of the Food Court Righ-O which is situated near Mandya on Bangalore Mysore road.  Being a hands-on entrepreneur means he has to spend long hours at the food court and at time he also ends up spending the night at his place of business.
Mr. Chandrakanth had a back office attached to the Food Court, which he wanted to convert into a bedroom for exactly such...

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Imagine you have a house in Bangalore but you live outside, say at Mysore, Chikmagalur, Mandya  – it could be anywhere. You love your house in Bangalore (of course!) and visit and stay at the house quite often.
However, to keep the house in shape and also to earn your return on investment, you have rented a part of it to either one or two responsible tenants. So now, you are left with just one /...

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