Our Service Commitment

At Futur Décor, bringing you practical comfort is our foremost mantra. Our total interior solutions are designed for the modern home where space must co-exist with necessities; more must squeeze into less without compromising on comfort.

Our creations are engineering marvels yet easy to handle and manoeuvre. Our customers love our creations because we provide them exactly what they are looking for- attractive designs, easy maintenance, high resistance against abrasion and corrosion, durability, reliability and most importantly, cost-effectiveness.

To change with the times is a safeguard against redundancy and with Invisiblebed™ we are doing exactly that. We constantly endeavour to innovate and upgrade our products to keep pace with existing market preferences which guarantee our products a proud place in your home.

Our range is not limited to the space saving solutions listed above. We handle complete 180° furnishing of your apartment that meets your express requirement for solutions that make your life and home less cluttered.

Attractive furniture obeys the golden rule- Save space and look good doing it.

E-Mail us your floor plan and we will give you FREE constultation on your interiors and furniture planning

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Why did our client go with Invisiblebed?
Q: Our kids jump alot on the beds. Can they do the same on invisiblebeds? See video below