Ananth: We are a family of 4 living in Bengaluru for the past 8 years in a rented 3bhk apartment in Whitefield. We didn’t believe in purchasing our own apartment as it doesn’t make economic sense. But we were forced to do so, since the rental cost moved much closer to EMI cost of owning an apartment after IT employees were asked to come to office after the covid pandemic. 

In our rented 3bhk apartment, we have 2 bedrooms and the 3rd room we use as study / work out / storage purposes. The purchase cost of 2bhk was at Rs.86lacs where as 3bhk in the same apartment block costed Rs.1.5 cr. That’s when we came to know about Invisible bed. We did lot of research and came to a conclusion that at night we can use the 2nd room as bed room and day time it can be used for other purposes. That made humongous saving of money and indirect savings of maintenance cost etc. Eventhough there are people who do similar product. Invisible bed stands out on professionalism and commitment to this product alone. 
We gave them a short notice of 10 days and they managed to install a king size cot along with sofa in our room within the timeframe. They have distributed the responsibility from taking an order to manufacturing and installation of the product such that, the customer has a seamless experience. Now after using the product for close to 3 months. It’s the highlight of our house. Our guests are amazed at the utility of the invisible bed and we are proud to own such product. Literally we saved Rs.66 lacs due to this product. Eventhough we installed it in our guest / kids room. Im the one who uses it on daily basis. These times when real estate costs keep increasing, space saving furnitures are the best and intelligent solution.