Very often our guest room is the one least bothered by all of us for two reasons. One, because it is necessary to be maintained only when the guests turn up and two, we lack space so we keep dumping things into it. But we do have to remember that the guest room is the one that will leave a lasting impression about us to the outside world – all friends, acquaintances, guests and everyone who drops by. Here are a few ways that can help you to furnish your guest room in such a way that it is not only welcoming for your guests but also functional for you to use when you don’t have any.

Hidden cots:

It is not that you will have guests throughout the year. If you have sufficient bedrooms and your guest room is devoted primarily to the guests who drop by, then there is no point in making use of big bulky cots. As an alternative use the hidden cots or foldable bunk beds. They are innovative solutions that can be wall-mounted when not in use. This will provide more space paving the way to dump your things. Thus, it can serve as an extra store room helping you to remove clutter in the remaining portions of your house. There are a lot of bedroom furniture stores that offer these smart solutions. These are very easy to maintain. Moreover, they render more functional spaces at a lower cost.

Use nested tables:

Make use of nested tables in your living room. Whenever guests turn up just shift the smaller nested table from your living room to your guest room. In this way, you will be able to avoid buying extra pieces of furniture for your guest room and save money too. Today, even luxury furniture stores are coming up with two in one and three in one nested tables in many stylish variants. It’s time to upgrade ourselves to such smart solutions.

Make use of the available space wisely:

Well in that case all that we have to do is to convert the available space into a guest room. Many times, our living room will be so big and luxurious with an expensive sofa, air conditioner, TV etc but the apartment will be a two BHK. In those cases, we can very easily buy a grand L shaped napper sofa that can create a luxurious and comfortable snoozing zone. In this way, you can make your house very welcoming for your guests. Many furniture stores are coming up with modern solutions like transformer sofas where the sofa set is expanded into a proper bed and can be collapsed into a sofa when not required.

By following these ideas, you will be able to create a comfy lovely experience for your guests without adding a dent to your pockets.