“I was fascinated by the space-savers used around the world which helps to utilize a space more efficiently in urban apartments where having all things will come with a cost of cluttering your home leaving with small space to move around.” says Mrs. Chandrika Chan.


Chandrika knew about the ways the world lives where living spaces are shrinking everyday due to growing prices and paucity of space. Chandrika’s 2BHK apartment on Harlur Road, gave her a 14 x 12 bedroom which she didn’t want to clutter with the conventional furniture that occupies most of the space. She not only wanted her freedom of movement, but also to make her bedroom more functional.


“I was looking for space savers in India for a while for furnishing our home. Thanks to Futur Décor, I got the perfect solution in the form of invisiblebed.” 


Thank you Chandrika, for giving us this opportunity to help you convert your bedroom into something which you always dreamt of. You are the Champion of our cause and we wish you all the best for your life.


Take a glimpse at her Bedroom here:

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