Take a look at these pictures.

Aren't you at least just a bit envious?

Well, we are! 

We must say that this is one installation of ours, which is very close to our heart. Not because we helped a proud and loving father make room for his two growing boys to be independent and self sufficient within their own living space, but also because we could help in making a little dream room for these two young children.


Mr.Sunil K Dath lives in a Duplex house in Kasturinagar with a family of four, which comprises two young boys. Like all parents, he was also very keen in making their childhood memorable and growing up very happy.

“I need to give my kids , enough space to walk around /play around /sit and read / Having an collapsible  furniture gives the sense of open room /bigger space. Bed is the most space consuming thing in a bed room , and if it can be collapsed , it would serve as excellent benefit… “ says Mr. Sunil.

Of course he didn’t stop at just the Invisible bed, but ordered for a full compact unit of a Bed,  Sofa and Two Display Units.

We are very sure that this is the most adorable room in Mr. Sunil’s home.

Happy growing up!

Make your Kid’s growing up memorable..
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