A woman will always want her room to be spotlessly neat and clean.

A woman who has worked hard to build a career.

A woman who hates to miss her daily exercises.

A woman who knows what’s best for her family and home.
Yeah… we mean someone like this in the picture.

Well, meet our own woman in power – Mrs. Deepa Arul.
Deepa is a French language teacher by profession, who takes her classes from home. She loves to exercise everyday and she hates those unseen and untouched dirt that accumulates under furniture; particularly under the beds, which are normally very difficult to reach and clean.
So Deepa had two very specific problems in hand:
  1. How to keep her bedroom absolutely clean with no hidden dirt
  2. Making space for a home based classroom for her students as well as a dedicated place for daily exercise.
Deepa lives in a 4 room apartment with her husband and a child; therefore she had a spare room, used as a guestroom, at her disposal. 

All she did was to purchase two Queen Size (5 X 6.5) Invisiblebed for her home – one for her bedroom, which can be folded up every day to clean the room thoroughly; and another for her guestroom which mostly stayed up and vertical to give her space for her daily exercise and converting it into a classroom when required.
Peace of mind for her. Satisfaction for us.
Want to be a Super Woman?
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