Working from home is the new normal and the best thing about it is that you can now design your own workspace! Here are some tips to consider while setting up your work-den.

  • Find your spot

Make sure there is good lighting and less noise in your space. Having some sunshine come in is always a great way to start your day! Also have a table lamp for those all-nighters that you need to pull off!

  • Ensure you’re connected

Have enough plug points and Wi-Fi connectivity at your space. If not, use tools that extend the same to your spot.

  • Make it as Ergonomic as possible

Sitting for long hours can be uncomfortable and often lead to spine problems. Avoid working from your bed and your back will be grateful! Find an ergonomic chair that provides the most support and helps you maintain good posture.

  • Have adequate storage

Having a bookshelf or an accessory holder close to your work table will make it easy for you to grab that file, book or charger that you may need while you work!

  • Add a personal touch

Make your work table your own space! Add things that you love or that bring out your personality. You could add plants, pictures, posters, lamps or a handy pen stand too!

Happy working!!