Yes, that’s how our next client Mr. Kamalakannan Shanmugam solved his home space problem.

In his own words “To save space, we need to design the things to go vertical…”

Mr. Shanmugam is a resident of Prestige Fern Residency Apartment, Harlur Road. Though he has 3 rooms they were not sufficient to meet all his purposes. That his 9 year old son Kapilan needed a study room and he an in-house office, didn’t help either.


That’s the time Mr. Shanmugam decided, very wisely, to go vertical.

On hearing about us and exploring different options for his house, he settled on a Queen size Invisiblebed  5 X 6 for his room, after which he remarked, “the wall bed has helped to convert my room as study cum office room at day and bed room at night.

So now that everyone is happy at Mr. Shanmugam’s home, we are delighted to be part of it.

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