We would like to share the classic story of our customer Mr. Anand. who initially refused our service, but later realized the value of our product.

Mr. Anand had a requirement for Queen Ibed, and made an initial enquiry in Jan 2022,  but his designer insisted that he would get it done from his end for a better price. When following up on our order, he informed us that he has dropped the plan and is going with a conventional bed, since all the family members suggest it.  Fast forward to June 2022 we have received a call from Mr. Anand stating he would like to visit our EC for Ibed. On June 18th Mr. Anand visited EC and disclosed the complete story of the failure that he underwent by going with his designer to get the bed installed through him.

Then he connected us with his designer to re-compensate the loss that they have done to Mr. Anand. And the Designer company placed an order with us for Queen ibed, Because they totally failed in delivering, what they had promised to Mr. Anand.