We value our customers hence we strongly believe in this quote. We craft our furniture with utmost love and warmth. As every piece of furniture has a story attached to it, this is definitely a special one because it was full of challenges, but with the unquestioning faith of our client we completed this project with zeal and excellence.

The idea of having three beds, study tables, and a wardrobe in a given space of  12 x 12 ft room seems to be impossible, but at InvisibleBed we enable impossible tasks. We basically lived through our client’s dream to create a space where he wanted to integrate everything in one room. 

Proudly presenting to you a Kids Bedroom setup for our client from Brigade Panorama, Bengaluru. The requirement was to basically provide all the three kids separate beds, convertible study desk, wardrobes, and space to play in a 12 x 12 room. We added both utility and space in the Kids Bedroom by installing three horizontal single beds with attached study desks and lofts for extra storage. 

Every child is a different kind of flower. And all together make this world a beautiful garden.

This quote speaks for itself and our client believes that too. He wanted to make a cozy space for his daughters which will enable them to have their privacy, give them enough space to study and play around as well. Now they can excel and bloom the way they want to, have a great bonding amongst themselves and also create a haven in their room which they can call their own. 

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Written By:

Alisha Ahiwale