Well first let me begin with what a sit stand table actually is. A sit stand table is a piece of furniture that allows you to work while you sit or while you stand by enabling the height of the table to be adjusted. In simple words, the table can be pulled up or down to a desired height.

Personally, I find it very uncomfortable to sit for long hours at a stretch! But my work calls for long working hours just like many of your work.

Well, having the choice to stand up and work from the same exact table is what will save your day! The best part is that you do not have to move your entire work space to another spot. That means, you don’t have to carry your laptop, books, chargers, cables etc and juggle them all the way to a higher table just because you want to work while standing. Instead, all you have to do is, hold the top of your desk and gently lift it to the specific height you want!

Moreover, combining the positions of sitting and standing while working can have other benefits on your body too. It is proven

  • to reduce back pain
  • lower the risk of obesity
  • improve your energy and concentration levels 

This is why sitting less and standing more is such an important lifestyle change.

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