Schooling from home is no easy task. It is not just online theory classes that are being conducted from home but also Physical Training (PT) classes, Dance classes etc. This means that now every home with a child requires MORE space!

Here are some ideas to keep in mind while creating a Kid’s Room:

  • Children need their own dedicated space to study. This means they need their own desks too. Opt for a foldable table or a wall mounted table that will save you lots of floor space. Such non-bulky tables will prevent your room from looking too cluttered.
  • Paint the room in light but fun colors like yellow, pastel green etc. Light colors make your room appear bigger. Add in elements of your child’s favorite movie, cartoon or hobby such as posters or paintings. You could ask them to pick these elements on their own to make the room feel more personalized. Use small wall mounted stands to store books, toys etc. and to organize them better.
  • You must also definitely add indoor plants in the room. You could also give your child the responsibility of taking care of it! Money plant, snake plant and palm are some of the easily available options that work great as indoor plants. Greenery brings in positive energy into the room which is super important for your child, especially during the school from home time.
  • Ensure there is enough storage. Always buy multi-tasking furniture that adds more storage. Children own a lot of things, and we need lots of space to store them. A simple step is to choose a table that comes with storage for their books and stationaries or a table that multi-tasks as a cupboard and a whiteboard. Make sure that the furniture has multiple functions in order to get maximum benefits out of it.
  • A wall-bed is a great alternative to a traditional bed for a kid’s room. A bed is of use mainly during the night. The rest of the time, this one piece of furniture takes up all the space in the room. So why not use an Invisible Bed or Murphy bed which will enable your kid to move around more freely and make space for him to play and learn, all in one room. It will also give them the space to practice their PT lessons, Dance or perform any of their hobbies without any space constraint.

Don’t let the new normal take away your kid’s childhood. Give him/her the space to live their young lives as they should – physically active and happy!

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