Imagine you have a house in Bangalore but you live outside, say at Mysore, Chikmagalur, Mandya  – it could be anywhere. You love your house in Bangalore (of course!) and visit and stay at the house quite often.

However, to keep the house in shape and also to earn your return on investment, you have rented a part of it to either one or two responsible tenants. So now, you are left with just one / two room(s) for yourself and your family and friends – to live, party and sleep!
Mr. PV Reddy also faced the same situation.
Mr. Reddy in Bellary and has an independent three storied house in Bangalore, which he has rented out. At the ground floor has kept two rooms for his own use as he frequently travels to Bangalore with family and friends.
Mr. Reddy also loves to throw parties and do get-togethers when he is Bangalore, so he decided to change one of the rooms, one measuring  10x10, into a smart room by using a foldable wall bed solution, without cluttering it. His other concern with conventional furniture was accumulation of dust on and under them when not in used.
He was ecstatic when he found out about us and was very happy with us in terms of quality, durability and finish.

We are equally happy to be able to help!
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