“Ideas are like wandering sons.  They show up when you least expect them”, commented the English Philosopher Bernard Arthur Williams.

Mr. T Rangarajan and his wife Mrs. Kalayani Rangarajan had visited our stall during a 2014 Exhibition. He was so excited learning about and witnessing our innovative products that he immediately bought an i-Shelf from us right there.
Back to present day.

Mr. Rangarajan owns a Studio Apartment in Jayanagar, and when he decided to convert his SOHO (small office, home office) to a bedroom, he remembered… yes! Invisible Bed.

A studio apartment, as it is, is quite small as compared to even an 1BHK apartment, and a look at his room clearly shows that the only way he can have a bed as well as his office desk in place is by staying away from space consuming, unimaginative regular furniture. 

Of course, the i-Shelf reminded him of us and he called us and placed his orders for Invisiblebed with Storage, xTable and a display unit.

Here’s a peekaboo to how his converted bedroom looks like after Invisible Bed with ample storage!

And now that he is enjoying an uncluttered, as-he-wish room, he plans to use other Futur Décor products to make his SOHO more efficient. 50 is not an old age anymore, and he is clearly way ahead in thinking as compared to many millennials around. We find this very smart and very sexy :)

Happy Living Mrs. and Mr. Rangarajan… Keep inspiring us and others…
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