This is not the story of Mr. Unnikrishnan Chakyat.

This is about his vision; about how he transformed two of his bedrooms in his 3BHK apartment, into an efficient and smart space, keeping in mind the diversified objectives that these bedrooms are expected to serve. Ok! that sounds complicated ! Let’s break that down J

Mr. Unnikrishnan lives in a 3BK upscale apartment with his wife and his little girl. At the moment, Mr. Unnikrishnan  and his small family of three share the master bedroom, as his daughter is still too young to stay separately. However, as a prudent father, he knows that she would very soon need her own living space and he wanted to be absolutely ready when that moment comes.
Also, in the meantime, as small child, the daughter needs to have sufficient space to play within the house and stay within their sight. Yes, the modern apartment complexes these days do have playing areas for children, but nothing beats a doll house or a lego building for a growing child as an indoor activity.

What’s the solution then?
As we mentioned earlier, Mr. Unnikrishnan lives in a 3BHK apartment. And the third bedroom is kept as his parents’ room cum guestroom, as his parents don’t live with him, but visit him from time to time.
So Mr. Unnikrishnan came with a very simple yet a profoundly effective one.
He got in touch with us to convert both his kid’s room and the guest-cum-parents’ room into an i-Room.

An iRooms or an Intelligent Room, as the name suggests, is the concept of making your living space intelligent by replacing not just the bed with an invisible bed, but also the entire furniture in the room with smart and efficient ones. Therefore, an iRoom usually comes with a bed, wardrobe, loft, and a working table thereby giving you the flexibility to convert the room to a bedroom, a home office, an open area for party or any other functional thing that you want to do there.

The Kid's iRoom Collage
The Kid's iRoom All Ready to Welcome the Daughter

The Guest iRoom - ready for guests

The Guest iRoom - as a playroom now
With this decision, Mr. Unnikrishnan not only made his kid’s room ready for her to move in soon in the future – a room that shall be her daughter’s own living space as well as her study and play room; but actually two play areas for her daughter at both the guest as well as the kid’s room!
Kiddo! Which room  you wanna play in today? 

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