“I wanted a 3rd bedroom which I could not afford. So thought why don’t’ I convert (my) 2nd bedroom into a multi-purpose one. When I looked for choices, Futur Decor looked to be a great choice. “ 

Mr.Vignesh E, Whitefield., Bangalore.
These are the exact words of our very esteemed client Mr. Vignesh who lives in a 2BHK apartment with his family of three. And like any concerned parent he didn’t want to restrict his child’s movement in the house by not providing him a place of his own, and at the same time as a dutiful son have one this room /  bed room also available to his parents when they visit him.

Not only that, with the flexibility of re-creating the room as and when he needs, he also could use the same space, that is his second bedroom, as the exercise room as well, thereby making sure that his wife’s as well as his own health are in perfect shape.

How else can you be so hugely successfully in all your different roles as the perfect Man of the House?

Cheers to you, Mr. Vigyesh, Here it is to you and your wonderful family!
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