Our Indian cities may  not be clean, but our Indian homes are. In fact, you will hardly find a home which is not spotlessly clean or a homeowner who doesn’t want to keep his home spotless.

Cleanliness becomes an issue when we can’t reach every nook and corner of our home, simply because there are furniture which can’t be manipulated all the time. And for those with OCD (ask us, we know a few!) it becomes a great challenge.

However, this was not a thought that we gave while designing our Invisible bed. We didn’t think that besides opening up your home and your rooms to more space, our invisible beds are just perfect to keep your homes clean and spotless as well… Until we met Mr. Sudarshan Reddy, that is.

Mr. Reddy came to us because he thought it is a very clever idea to have Invisible bed at home as it will help him keep his house clean!  

And that he can quickly convert the room into his gym or a guest room or even a party room was like killing two birds with one stone (we are strong believer of non violence, so we won’t really kill any birds or anything for that matter) !

Our customers surprise us all the time, but we love it when we are knocked out with thoughts like this.

Take a look at these pictures and you would know what we are talking about:

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