We are always conscious about space. Every item we buy from home décor to clothes to groceries for our house is always carefully assessed to see if it is worth the space it takes up. And therefore it is all the more important to assess the biggest items at home: Furniture.

Here are some furniture pieces that work as multipurpose furniture to save space:

1. Floor Standing Table With Shelves

All those books, wires and pens on your desk need a place to be stored. This table that doubles as a storage unit/bookshelf and a study/worktable is perfect for any home. Only a few extra inches and it provides a perfect spot to store all the little things you have lying around.


2. Free Up Some Floor Space With Wall Mounted Furniture

Whether it be a table or chair, use one that folds onto the wall so that it does not take up more floor space while not in use. A seat that folds down is great to use next to a shoe rack so that you can sit to wear your shoes but need not have a 4-legged chair to do that. Similarly, an iDesk can be used as a table and a whiteboard. After use, it can be folded down and kept out of your way.


3. Easy To Use Murphy Bed

Being able to fold the bulkiest furniture in the house, give you freedom to do all kinds of things – like using the room as a dance/yoga room or creating your own office at home.
Simply fold the bed away in the morning, pull down the desk flap, and you’re ready to work. The invisible bed is also a multi-purpose furniture solution for those debating between creating a guest room or a home office space. Our iRoom solution provides just the right furniture for your multipurpose room.


4. Utilize Every Little Space For Storage

Our coffee table not only looks amazing but also provide quite a bit of storage underneath. It is the perfect place to store your books, magazines, blankets, cushions etc.  Simple pieces of furniture like this can go a long way in providing that much needed space in the room.


5. Wall Mounted Dining Table

Kitchen tables and dining tables can take up a notorious amount of space and make the area around feel very small and congested. This Wall Mounted Dining Table can save you all that floor space that a traditional table would have taken up. When you are done dining all you have to do is slide the table back up and it will simply look like a closed cupboard. This way you get all those extra square feet of space in the room!