As this quote itself explains the importance of books in our lives and our homes, we must give enough attention to where we are going to keep our readers. With increasing competition between space and luxury, our reading space is not given much attention. It’d be great if we invest in simple space-saving furniture which adds utility at the same time.

Speaking about space-saving and utility, what comes to my mind is, a company curating furniture for its users mindfully giving them access to more space in their homes. Such a mind-blowing concept is its Wall-mounted Bookshelf Holder. This saves space, adds utility, and gives a touch of modernity to your home library. With minimal elements, you can stack a lot of books in your home library. You just need an empty wall and a few bookshelf holders, your own Space-saving Home Library is ready. 

Over each Bookshelf holder, you can stack up to ten books horizontally. You just need one hardcover book to create the base for an individual bookshelf, over that you can stack other books. It’s amazing how we can ditch the regular bookshelves and invest in these Bookshelf Holders. You can rearrange the pattern and shuffle your books as per your choice. The ones that we read often can be stacked in front for easy access and the ones that don’t get our attention quite often can be put on the top shelves.

For book lovers, there’s no such thing called “Too Many Books”. Some like to read, some like to just keep a good, classic collection of books to give an aesthetic vibe. It’s on us what we want to do with our books and where we should be placing them. While most people fondly speak about their love and taste in books, they also like to show their collection to other people. But some like to keep it low-key and keep their books away from others’ hands. It doesn’t matter which category you belong to, this Bookshelf Holder will be your true friend, just like Books are. 

Now you can exhibit your Home library to your guests and let them know about your amazing collection of books without saying a word for it. Place your wall-mounted Bookshelf Holder in your living rooms’ feature wall and make it the signature element of your room. Keep some planters and add a few photo frames, Voila! That will just give a beautiful transition to your regular setup for books.

And you don’t have to worry if you like to keep your books hidden from everybody’s eyes. You may place the wall-mounted Bookshelf Holder in the corner of your bedroom. Add in an Accent Lounge chair, some fairy lights, and scented candles to set the mood right. Your perfect, cozy reading nook is ready. 

Why waste time then? Go to  and shop the Bookshelf holder right away! There’s nothing like a perfect time to reinvent your home library because as Stephen King said, “Books are a uniquely portable magic”. So let’s add more books to the collection and let them do the magic by themselves.

Written by:

Alisha Ahiwale