Sometimes no matter how many square feet you have in a room, it may still appear small or confined. Often, it is not the room that is small, but it is the elements of the room that make it appear tiny.

Here are some clever and practical tips that you can implement to make your room appear bigger.


1. Use of lighter colors

This one is a common trick adopted by many to make a room look brighter and bigger. Darker shades tend to make your room look confined. Paint your walls with lighter colors and use light colored furniture pieces to create a sense of more space in the room. So go for soft colors that will bring an airy and open feeling to the room.


2. Move out the bulky furniture

Often we have some furniture in the room that takes up a lot of space but is not of so much use to us. This could be a bulky table that has no storage or a cupboard with lesser shelves than needed. Well, bulky furniture clearly cuts down the space a room actually offers and takes up a permanent space in the room.


This is why we need to buy furniture based on the usage it really offers. A table that can be folded will return the space it takes up while not in use. A table that has storage of any kind will help clear clutter that usually lies on top of the table.
Keep in mind to buy furniture with thin legs or that is minimalistic. This also applies to what you hang on your walls. Keep it simple and minimal.


3. Clear as much floor space as possible

Remove large rugs and use wall mounted furniture to clear more floor space. When you can see more of the floor in your room it will create the illusion of wider rooms. This will also make it easier to move around the room. Always remember to find furniture that fits your room! If not, then choose to customize the furniture for the room.


4. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are great at reflecting natural light or artificially created light! Place mirrors on the wall in an angle that will reflect maximum depth. You can also place them near windows to reflect the outside scenery.
Mirrors can also be placed on the cupboard or cabinet doors to give a more open and spacious feeling to rooms.


5. Declutter

Decluttering is super important in every home and it must be done regularly to prevent hoarding. Try to declutter your house once every year but I would recommend you to declutter parts of the house whenever you can. This makes it easy and less stressful.
Try to keep your table tops and visible areas as organized as possible.
Also, try to recycle unwanted items or resell them to others who may find it useful. While reducing clutter at home, let us not increase waste in the world.