Imagine you live in a 3 bedroom apartment in a posh apartment complex. Sounds fantastic?

Now imagine you have 6 people living in that apartment.  (yes, you heard us right)

And then imagine those 6 people include a 13 year old and a 6 year old.

How does that feel now? Stuffy? Complicated? Chaotic?  Nightmarish ?

Well, you can’t be more wrong if you thought so.

Let us introduce to you one of our esteemed clients Mr. Ramkumar who is in this exact situation; yet his life is as settled and calm as you always desire to be. How did that happen? 
Ok, here is the story.

Mr. Ramkumar has two young daughters (we already mentioned he has two children) and as they are growing up they needed well sufficient and optimistically functional rooms to cater to all their needs – study, store, sleep and play. Therefore, Mr. Ramkumar, like all concerned parents, started searching for a solution to his problem. And he stumbled upon Invisible bed.

In his very own words, “Invisible Bed solved our problem perfectly. Given the fact that your product is well designed it perfectly fitted our requirement; and the fact that you also take additional work ( apart from just the bed) also ensured we could get a book shelf with the same finish and thereby remove(ing) the bookshelf that we already, had gaining space.

The folding table also helps in saving space and is used as a laptop table/ multipurpose utility tabletop.

We have just got the installation done, it’s very neat, in fact (it) makes the room better with the kind of finishing provided. I need to wait to let you know about the quality/durability of the product, which I think I need to use for the next 6 months / year and then decide.”

Thank you Mr. Ramkumar for giving us this opportunity to work with you and be able to add to your life a little bit of harmony and peace of mind.

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