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Want to Double Your Rental Income from your Apartment? Use InvisibleBed

Prashanth Invisiblebed
22 Nov , 2016
Living in Bangalore a lot of us understand owning a piece of real estate solely as an invested asset. While many of you have already successfully owned and rented / leased properties; there are also a lot of us who have not yet taken the plunge. One of the reasons could be, not understanding how to raise the value of your property and therefore, earn your return on investment more efficiently.

If you have an apartment let out on rent / under lease, or if you are planning to do so in the near future, our this week’s story is just for you.

Mr. Sudip is one of our very esteemed client, who came to us for his 360 SFT studio apartment located at an upscale development at Electronic City. He had a very simple objective – furnish the studio apartment in such a way so that he can let it out at the highest possible rent to get a good return on his investment.
Of course we took up the challenge!

At the end of the project, he rented out his studio apartment for Rs.11,000.0 a month, when the standard rent in his gated community for a similar apartment is only Rs.6000.0 per month! That means we could almost double up the value for his apartment. Good return? No! Great Return actually.

How we did it?
We at Futur Décor, redefined his apartment’s space with our out-of-box furniture to not just give it a contemporary look but to make it super efficient in terms of its space utilization.

In his own word, "With the studio apartment it’s very important to use the space wisely and invisiblebed is an obvious choice… with invisible bed it gives the apartment a very uber look."
Take a look at these pictures, and you will know what we are talking about.

A pat on our back!
Invest a little and earn a lot more… talk to us to make your apartment investment friendly.

Talk to us at 91 80 39510909; and do visit us at http://www.invisiblebed.com/

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