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A Movie Theater and a Game Room in your 3BHK Apartment.

12 Sep , 2016
A place to hang out with friends as well as provide a good night sleep for your guests…

Think about it – your own movie / game room with high definition television, surround sound system, lazy boy chairs, gaming consoles – just the perfect hangout for you with your friends right at your home…

And then – converting the very same room into a cozy bedroom for your visiting overnight guests; or for those friends who loves to crash at your home after a marathon movie / game night…

Yes yes, we are talking about one, single room only – in a 3BHK apartment. Unbelievable?

Well, ask Mr. Dikshant, our very creative client who did just that at his compact, upscale 3BHK apartment at Bannerghata, Bangalore.

Smart, right?

We are mighty impressed.

What about you?

Now are you still wondering how this was accomplished?

Take a look at the pictures, and you will know how our Invisible Bed works wonder every single time for each of your specific requirements…

Want to know more about us? Call us at t:  91 80 39510909 and visit us at http://www.invisiblebed.com/

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