Let us tell you about a company who truly cares about their employees.
And let us tell you what the company did for their employees, recently.

The company has a wellness room at their Embassy Tech office, ORR. The room, which measure to 9.0ft x 9.0ft, is actually supposed to be a multipurpose room for their employees.

However, with size being the constraint, the company had to put their thinking cap on to see how they can truly convert this space as multipurpose and multi-use.

After plenty of internet searches, the company found out about Futur Décor and got hooked to the idea of a wall bed for their wellness room.

So, how are they using this room now?

As a Yoga and exercise room for their employees

A bedroom for those who work overnight and need to take a break

For pregnant employees who may need to take rest from time to time

For mothers’ who are breastfeeding babies and for their travelling employees from abroad / other cities when they are visiting the Bangalore office

Fantastic! right? And immensely inspiring.

The company is Fractal Analytics, "Best Company to Work" for 2016 by Great Place to Work Institute.

Koi Shak!

Now you know what to ask from your company during the next appraisal :)  
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