We were sitting around in our office on a Friday evening talking about our weaknesses and we counted them in our fingers:
  1. We are a small company
  2. We are still unknown to many people
  3. We don’t have big bucks (for massive advertisements to change point 2)
  4. We don’t run an assembly line
  5. And so on…
When the discussion was turning a little depressing, someone shouted excitedly and said, “Hey! aren’t these also the reasons why we are what we are?” 

“Really?” everyone else must have thought that at the same time.

“Ok! Ok! Let me explain,” he said rather enthusiastically. “See we are small, therefore we attend to each and every customer’s need personally. We are unknown to people and therefore, we make sure our products talk for themselves and are never a letdown. And since we don’t have big bucks for massive advertisements we spent all our time, effort, energy and money is doing what we are best doing at – that is designing invisible beds. ” He elaborated happily. “Besides, we can create customized invisible bed based on our customers’ specific requirements only because we don’t run an assembly shop.” He concluded.

Ah! now that’s so true!

What our customers need from us is not only an efficient space management system, but a supremely safe one as well. After all, it’s their family – children, parents, wife or husband, who will be using them all the time. Would they risk it, if they thought even for a moment that our solutions could be risky?
We remembered that we had still not launched our product after 8 months of being ready with it because we wanted to be 100% sure that what we take out of our factory is the best thing that we could produce – in terms of quality, durability, safety and functionality.

How we make sure of that?
Well, to begin with our Invisible beds have Hydraulic Lift Assist System Certified by TUV, the global leader in technical, safety and certification services, based out of Germany. We give 10-years warranty for our Hydraulics Lift Assist System with free replacement during these years and zero maintenance  cost.
All components are fabricated in-house under strict quality supervision by using branded hardware.
The Locking systems for our Invisible beds come with maximum safety measures.

We source our basic raw material  - well-calibrated 18mm plywood - and Greenply MDF, the market leader in India, use T-nuts for joiners and give 3 years warranty for wood structure.

Therefore, an Invisible Bed can take up to 250 kgs of load while in use and can be disassembled and assembled as many times as may be required by the client, while at the same time providing the safest solution available in the market – making it safe even for your children. 

Your Children are Safe Around Our Invisible Beds

After all, our invisible bed is just like the conventional bed when it is not used in its ‘space saving’ mode :)

That’s lot of technology with strict adherence to quality and a combined dedication and effort of a team that wants to do something extraordinary and different.

So, is our weakness our biggest USP? Most certainly it is, until the time we may become complacent and give up on our dream of changing the way how Indians manage their living space. Now, can that ever happen? Absolutely not!
Some beer please!