If a picture says a thousand words, then here are 5 for you!

That’s the room of the 8 year old of daughter of Mrs. Rashmi P, a Senior Software Professional with Sasken.

Mrs. Rashmi lives in an Independent Duplex Home in Kalayn Nagar, Bangalore, with 5 family members. And as a mother, she understands that a growing child, particularly a daughter, needs a privacy of her own room which also needs to be multi functional.

Not only does this room gives her daughter the required privacy, but also a secluded space for studying or playing without being disturbed by others or disturbing others.

Here she has opted for an Invisiblebed Single Size 3 X 6 with iTable medium.

Mrs. Rashmi found us on Google, like a lot of our valued patrons.

Thank you Ma’am, and kudos to your smart thinking.
Be like Mrs. Rashmi, Talk to us at now 91 80 39510909; and do visit us at http://www.invisiblebed.com/