These are the pictures of a happy childhood, bond of love and friendship between two siblings.


Meet ten year old Vraj and his two and half year old sister Sanvi.

Viraj loves his little sister, and Sanvi loves to play with Viraj. Being a 10 year old child, Viraj also needs time and space to study. However, call it the bane of urban living - playing, studying, sleeping doesn’t always happen at the same space and sometimes at the same time, particularly if you have just a 10x12 room for all these activities.

Mr. Ajay Prajapati, the proud father of these two beautiful children, was looking for a space management solution for his children’s room that would not clutter yet make it functionally efficient.

While he looked and searched for such a solution for a while, nothing that he saw met his requirements. But call it serendipity, he found an Invisible bed installation in one of his neighbor’s house in his own apartment complex!

He immediately placed an order for a queen size Invisible bed, iTable max and loft above.


His children are happy, and the space is utilized efficiently.


Make your children happy too, and use your living space efficiently
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