Mr. Zafar Ahmad loves to socialize and his relatives and friends love him back for that. It’s not very uncommon to find his 2BHK JP Nagar apartment filled with guests quite often.


While Mr. Zafar is a good host, he is a great parent too.

He wanted to give his overnight guests a comfortable stay but not unsettle his children at the same time  by turning their room into a guest room every time he had guests at home.


With a 2BHK apartment his only option was to utilize his living room and manage its space in a way that the room can be used as the sitting area during the day and a sleeping area at night, if so required – without cluttering or congesting it.

And he found the solution in InvisibleBed – a homely and comfortable option for his guests and a hassle free life for his kids.

Don’t they say your home is as large as your heart!


We second that thought wholeheartedly !

Make your heart a large one too..


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